Manage your business in seconds!

Say hello to Equity – the tool that every entrepreneur and small business must have. With the speed of this platform, you will feel that you are flying and when it comes to billing and expense control, of course it knows how to make things simple.

Fast invoice

Generate invoices effortlessly, with just a few clicks set your invoice items… then, just click on publish or share, and your client will receive the invoice automatically.

Accelerate your financial operations by having everything synchronized in real rime: journal entries, bank transactions, invoice status, and so much more!

invoice preview

Accounting made simple

Optimize your financial management with our robust accounting solution, with our powerful double-entry system. Capture transactions accurately through intuitive journal entries. Generate insightful accounting reports effortlessly, offering real-time visibility into your business’s financial performance. Elevate your accounting processes with precision, reliability, and unparalleled efficiency.

Chart of accounts

Trial Balance

Income statement

Get to Know your Business

Track all your business financial records with our powerful and realtime reports, use them to know your status, create report statements, and or share with your accountant, partners, or investors.

Save you extra money by using our service.

While other software forces you to a minimum number of seats or pay for functionalities not everyone in your company will use, with Equity ERP you just pay what what you need, saving more than 44%.

Annual cost using other services
$ 648 +
Annual cost using Equity
$ 366

Built for your business in every aspect

All products developed by Inspira have one main purpose: make your life easier. And Equity is not exception.

Speed up like crazy

Send quotes and invoices to your customers via whatsapp and/or email. Furthermore, you have the option to collect payments from the same invoice links.

Organize all your information

With just one click you have your inventory, invoices, expenses, customers' information, and transactions synchronized.

Save time

Forget about templates on sheets. No more manual input and double-checking the final amount. Just select the invoice item, set the quantity, and leave the rest to us.

Increase your productivity

Everything in Equity works fast and easily, from reports to customer and invoice management.

Simple pricing

Stop overpaying, running your business shouldn’t be expensive. We have all the features that you need for the price it has to be 😉


Invoicing for solo entrepreneurs or businesses on their first steps.


Free forever


For businesses that need unlimited invoicing, 3rd party integrations, and more reporting.


Per team member


Keep track of every transaction, supercharge your reporting, and make tax filing easy.


Per team member

What people say about us

Easy to use
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The platform is easy to use, even for entry-level users, it works super fast and has the option to integrate with 3rd party services.
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Wooowwww, I'm impressed with Equity, it is super cool and beautiful and the dashboard charts are amazing ✨✨✨
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It is super convenient to know who owns you and the owned amount I've used it to remind my customers and have the payment on the same day 😁
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I'm very happy with Equity, the team is very responsive and fast to deliver new features and some custom reports for my business.

Frequent Asked Questions

Equity is an online ERP that allows you to easily manage your business accounting, and customer data, generate and collect invoices, keep track of your expenses as well as have control over your inventory and price list.

Equity is super easy to use and requires no prior training. But if you have any questions, we have a team willing to answer your questions in the shortest time possible. Just email [email protected].

Yes, your information in our system can only be accessed by you and is protected by backup copies that are frequently generated.

We accept credit and debit card payments.

We offer 10% discount for yearly payments.

Contact [email protected] to get your discount.

At Equity you do not have to sign any contract, nor are you tied to any obligatory payment. By  signing up  both parts agree the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Your service will remain active as long as payments are successfully processed. You can cancel at any time without any penalty.

Equity is under active development, right now we have several modules such as:
  • Reporting.
  • Invoicing.
  • Expense management
  • Accounting
  • Bank management

You can also request any report or feature you need, we have made several for many of our clients!

More modules are coming soon too!

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